"Graphics for the bread and butter; fine art for the soul" is what I say, as I'm a Graphic designer by day, art creator by night... So hey, I'll be buzzing in and out of here as I work, bookmark me if you'd like, and stop back to see what my latest art craze is. I'll be featuring various works of art if you wish to join me in my journey. Thanks and cheers - - MACWELLS

Frida Kahlo - always a favorite subject

Frida Kahlo - always a favorite subject
ACEO card of Frida that I painted on a tiny piece of paper.

Frida on Blue ACEO

Frida on Blue ACEO
just for fun... another teeny tiny painting I made.

March 16, 2007

"Rodeo Farm" Fiberglass Painted Boot Sculpture

It was a real experience painting these boots this year...
I've always been bummed that I didn't get to paint a cow during the cow parade in Houston, so when I heard of the call for entries with the Rodeo Boots - I jumped at the chance... and encouraged my daughter to submit a design too... A few boots later, we both look back and shiver thinking of painting in our 40 degree garage - brrrr! We both had like 2-3 layers of clothes on - we put it all to jazz and it was all good... I'm proud of you Lauren - we'll have more fun as we paint more together.

STATUS of boot: Sold



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