"Graphics for the bread and butter; fine art for the soul" is what I say, as I'm a Graphic designer by day, art creator by night... So hey, I'll be buzzing in and out of here as I work, bookmark me if you'd like, and stop back to see what my latest art craze is. I'll be featuring various works of art if you wish to join me in my journey. Thanks and cheers - - MACWELLS

Frida Kahlo - always a favorite subject

Frida Kahlo - always a favorite subject
ACEO card of Frida that I painted on a tiny piece of paper.

Frida on Blue ACEO

Frida on Blue ACEO
just for fun... another teeny tiny painting I made.

August 10, 2010

New T-shirt Print on Demand site found!!

I'm really excited about finding this cool new Create-Your-Own t-shirt site!!
I will be adding some of my designs to it..
But for now, here's the link... (click on title)



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